The Toronto Pinball and Gameroom Show
Did you know that Harry Williams invented the TILT mechanism and that Williams' Black Knight was the first game to introduce the concept of playfield magnets with its "Magna-Save?" More
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2010 Toronto Pinball Championship

Toronto Pinball League

Guaranteed Prize Pool of $2000!

At least two Divisions!

Registration & Qualifying

Registration will take place on location with a $5 registration fee plus fees for each individual entry. Players must also pay for entrance into the show in order to participate in the tournament.

Qualifications all day Saturday and 10am - 12pm Sunday*. Tournament playoffs begin at 1pm on Sunday*

A copy of the final rules of play will be posted at this location. For more complete information visit: the Official Toronto Pinball Championship website.

Official Rules Summary*

Toronto Pinball Championship (TPC) is the Canadian pinball tournament operated by the Toronto Pinball League (TOPL). This document is an electronic copy of the official operating rules and regulations of the event; it may not be final, and is subject to change. An official final copy of the rules will be available for inspection by players at the registration for the event.

May 2010 Tornto Pinball Championship

The event coordinators for TPC are Adam Becker and John Flitton. Event coordinators organize volunteers, designate scorekeepers, handle malfunctions and rulings, delegate responsibilities and authority, and otherwise work to ensure the smooth operation of the tournament. Event coordinators and designated officials are not excluded from tournament play but will be rescued from any situation that directly affects their actual or potential standing as a player.

I. Quick Overview*

TPC tournament rules are based heavily on the PAPA Rules

For more information on PAPA – World Pinball championship and the rules this document is based off of please visit:

2002 Toronto Pinball and Gameroom Show TournamentThe majority of the tournament consists of qualifying rounds for singles players. During these rounds, each player may make as many qualifying attempts as they like, within a single division chosen according to skill. Attempts may also be made in the special divisions (Classics and Juniors), separately from qualifying attempts in the A and B.

Each qualifying attempt consists of play on a single of machine the player selects from those available in the division. The player's performance on those machines is ranked and a composite score is determined. The highest composite scores within each division will advance to the final rounds.

In the final rounds, qualifying players play against each other in multiplayer games. A point system is used to determine who advances to the next round and, ultimately, who wins the division.

Complete Rules*

*Subject to change without notice.